Lou Spivack, P.C. provides a dynamic alternative that is grounded in legal collection experience.

Since we are a law office, we rely heavily on the Judicial System to force recovery. Simply put, clients that have the ability to pay, but are unwilling to, are pursued through the Courts. Once Judgement is obtained, aggressive Post Judgment Remedies are utilized to recover the outstanding balance.

Criminal Attorney | Lou Spivack, P.C.

Criminal Cases

Charged with a crime? Lou has been representing clients in criminal cases for over 30 years. We handle all types of cases, from felonies, to misdemeanors to forfeitures in Federal Court, Superior Court, Justice Court and City Court. There never is a fee for an initial consultation.

Collections Attorney | Lou Spivack, P.C.

Collection Matters

At Lou Spivack, P.C. our core practice focuses upon financial recovery representation and litigation for Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, and Real Estate Management Firms.

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Our Staff has 50 years combined experience in criminal law, collections, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Status Reporting

Our office provides you with detailed status or collection activity reports for each file assigned on a monthly, quarterly, semi, or annual basis.

Automated Processes

Our automated system keeps you informed of your account status via email.

Contingency Structure

We have a flexible contingency fee structure.